Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Life of David Gale (3.8)

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2003 Crime/Thriller/Drama.

David Gale finds himself on death row after he is charged with the murder of a fellow anti-capital punishment activist.

Kevin Spacey is awesome. I think he is one of those actors that a lot of people forget about but who has had such an amazing and consistent career that you have to be impressed. He is the lead in many of my favourite movies and he was fantastic as David Gale. I thought he really nailed the character and I felt like he helped me feel connected to the character on some sort of personal level.

Kate Winslet has been one of my top 3 fav actresses for a very long time. I like her in real life and as an actor. She always impresses me and I always feel so connected to her in all of her roles. She really gives colour to her characters, mostly because her performances always feel so natural. Great combo with Spacey

I'm not usually one to generally go out of my way to watch activist type movies but I do enjoy one now and again. I was constantly being told by Netflix that I would like this movie and they were right. I didn't feel overly bombarded with opinions, angry rants, unrealistic characters or over bearing facts. It was almost like the activist part of this film was the undertone and the characters were what this movie was really about. I liked that. The facts were still interesting though.

Took a bit of time to get to the climax but I see why they felt the need to show us as much about the characters as they could before the big plot twist. The big surprise was a definitely surprise but it wasn't as big of a shock as I think they were going for. Maybe I knew all along that that was what was going to happen but ultimately I knew that it was something David Gale was capable of so I wasn't shocked. Still, great story.

Spacey and Winslet make this a great film and the puzzle is filled with suspense and the story is something that will make you sit up and pay attention.


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