Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sophie Scholl (3.5)

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This 2005 German Biography/crime/drama directed by Marc Rothemund is a true story about Sophie Scholl, a young girl in Germany during WWII who stood up for what she believed in and suffered the consequences.

Netflix had been telling me to watch this movie for a long time saying I would love it. I did like it and it was well paced and generally exciting for a Nazi interrogation/prisoner type film but it wasn't my favourite. The pace and action was good at first but it lost me here and there.

I love based on true story films and this movie was powerful for me because Sophie was in her young twenties and was so strong and I also love powerful female lead dramas so this was great. Julia Jentsch who played Sophie was fantastic and made this movie what it was. The acting in this film in generally was really good.

My only problem with it, and this may come out wrong but, I felt like at times they made all the Nazi characters to be yelling, angry, dramatic people. Yes, maybe they were in real life, but when being shown as such for 2 hours straight in a movie gets old very fast. Everyone is yelling and swearing and after an hour I started to not care as much and therefore my senses were not being affected at the most climatic moments as much as they should be. I just...felt they should've toned it down slightly so that the main court scene would've been even more powerful.

It was still powerful, I understand why it was up for an Oscar. The script is good but I got bored at parts and had to turn the volume down at other times due to yelling and what not but over all this is a great story of a brave girl who fought when everyone else was too scared to.


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