Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Descendants (4)


2011 Alexander Payne film about a business man who tries to re-connect with his daughters after his wife goes into a coma after a boating accident.

This movie was on a few top movies of 2011 lists so I had to watch it. I have been slow on the whole George Clooney obsession thing but now I would definitely consider myself a fan so I had nothing to lose.

George Clooney's (The Ides of March, The Men Who Stare at Goats ) performance is amazing in this movie. If it has nothing else, it has that. While I have been saying that about almost every Clooney movie I've seen over the last few years that doesn't mean it was any less amazing. He made me cry. A lot. You jerk.

The story seemed less than impressive at first. The whole sick wife, aloof dad and kids acting out thing has been done. What hasn't been done is the shift to the story that is revealed near the beginning of the film and the story thickens and then boils before the credits roll.

I will admit that I found some parts boring or obvious. I called what as going to happen a bunch of times but that doesn't mean I was prepared by how each character evolves during the film and how they react to one another. That was what I really loved about this movie; the characters.

Shailene Woodley. No idea where she came from but she was awesome as Clooney's oldest daughter. There was just something about her that I liked. Wonder if she'll stick around or not...

Decent story, very interesting characters and an emotional roller coaster. This is a strangely hilarious but serious drama and Clooney shines.


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