Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol (3.5)


The 2011 sequel by Brad Bird.

Tom Cruise. I didn't want to like you but you are great as Ethan Hunt in these films. You do the action thing well and without the Bond cockiness. Age was been kind to you too sir, keeping all in shape and stuff.

I liked how they keep the come-and-go comedy in this movie like they have in the previous films. Simon Pegg (The Adventures of Tintin) DEFINITELY helped in that. I heart that guy. He makes me laugh when he isn't even doing anything. I enjoyed him a lot in this movie.

Jeremy Renner was good next to Cruise and I thought he was suited to this roll. I have to admit that I haven't been overly impressed with him in his last couple of films. Not saying I hate him but I feel like he has sooo much to offer but the roles just aren't suiting him well enough (in my humble opinion). I'm just waiting for that next movie where he blows me away...

Everyone and their dog was telling me that this was such an amazing action movie and that I had to see it and blah blah...

I will admit, there were some cool, new ideas in this movie and there were some scenes that I highly enjoyed and made my heart beat a little faster. Still, a lot of what was happening I knew was going to happen 5 minutes before it did. Also, the whole bomb/Russians being the bad guys thing is OLD NEWS! I literally rolled my eyes when I knew that that was where the movie was heading. So, unlike the previous movies when the things they were trying to stop seemed interesting to me, this one wasn't from the start, so it had that going against it the entire time.

For an action movie it was good though. This would've been a great summer action flick me thinks, but after watching Moneyball, The Artist and War Horse it just didn't overly impress me.


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