Monday, January 9, 2012

Moneyball (4.5)


The true story of Billy Beane, the GM for the Oakland A's, who was the first person to use computer generated analysis to draft his players.

Wow. I cannot believe how good this movie is. Everyone told me and I read so many reviews but a part of me, for whatever reason, couldn't let go that it was just some sports movie and therefore I wasn't going to like it.


And it had nothing to do with the sports (besides being about baseball). I mean, the story sounds boring but it wasn't at all. It's impossible to convince you of that until you see it but the story is so much more than baseball. It's about the General Manager who went against everything he had ever learned and everyone told him was wrong to do what was right for his team. It's about breaking the rules and changing the game (not just with baseball, but in terms of a certain way of thinking).

I found it inspiring, passionate, funny and moving. At times I found it powerful. At times I found myself forming tears over a scene about baseball. While I did play it when I was a kid and have a mother who has loved the sport her whole life, I wouldn't say I'm this huge fan. Yet, after this movie was over, I wanted nothing more than to go see a baseball game.

If that doesn't make it a successful movie than Brad Pitt (The Tree of Life, Inglorious Basterds) and Jonah Hill (Get Him to the Greek, Funny People) will convince you. I was actually blown about by Hill's performance in this movie. I enjoyed him more than Pitt yet Pitt was still fantastic. I'm not sure why but Hill's character and his part in this story was the most interesting to me. Pitt was a great lead though.

I was hoping that Philip Seymour Hoffman (The Ides of March, Pirate Radio) was going to be in the film more but it was great to see him none-the-less.

If you like sports at all see this. If you don't like sports but like a good story see this. If you aren't the biggest fan of dramatic movies or sports but like movies and want to see why this is a must see of 2011 then see this.


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