Thursday, January 19, 2012

She's the One (2.5)


1996 comedy/romance starring, written and directed by Edward Burns.

Ohhhh the 90s. I've been watching a lot of romcoms from the 90s over the last couple of months for some reason. They are all hard to review because the style, problems and acting in general have all changed.

Acting. The acting in this was laughable. While it wasn't meant to be a serious drama I found 75% of the scenes to just be lacking in general due to my lack of interest in any character. Mind you, Cameron Diaz did play the slutty character well. And Edward Burns is strangely attractive. Jennifer Aniston was honestly the best part about this movie and John Mahoney is always a treat as I think he is a great actor but...meh. Together they didn't work for me.

Their problems were hilarious to me. Also, they didn't make sense. I couldn't figure out why some characters were so angry with the others and why one was sorry or not. It was weird. The plot itself has been done a million times with the whole cheating and love triangle thing but the order of things confused me.

It's a 90s romcom. Basically. I didn't hate it but I wouldn't tell anyone to watch it either. It was a good sit on the couch and do nothing and forget about it kind of movie.


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