Friday, January 6, 2012

Singles (3)

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A cult classic comedy/romance by Cameron Crowe from 1992 about dating in Seattle in the early 90's.

How did I miss this movie? I've seen Empire Records and Wayne's World and all the other teen hits from the 90's yet I missed this film. Now I have seen it...

I think it would've had a bigger impact on me if I was a teenager. Or still single. Or was a teenager in the 90's (hides from the glares she is probably getting).

I loved the music though (Alice in Chains is in it) and I loved the over-all 90s-ness of this film. I liked the quirky way it was filmed with the weird asides and voice overs and the characters in general. I did like the characters even though their situations were unrelatable to me but I did laugh at a couple scenes concerning what the guys and girls were thinking about how to handle a relationship. Jokes.

I found myself getting kind of bored though only because I couldn't entirely relate to any one character and this movie is all about the characters. I was entertained though and can totally see why teens went bat shit for this when it came out.

One thing I can't get over is how CREEPY Matt Dillon is. I know people probably had his face all over their bedroom walls when younger but give me Eddie Vedder over that guy any day. It's more than just long hair and fake brooding eyes. haha He made me laugh though.

I'm sure I'll like it better when I see it again.

ps- Bridget Fonda is far less impressive than Kyra Sedgwick who is a babe in this flick. Just sayin'.


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