Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (3.5)


The 2011 Thriller/Drama by Tomas Alfredson starring Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and Tom Hardy about finding a mole within M16's spies during the Cold War.

Once again, this movie was on almost every single must see movies of 2011 list that I stumbled upon and so naturally I had to check it out.

It's been a long time since I've seen a solid drama based movie about espionage and/or the Cold War. Most of the time the drama is masked by pop-bang-boom action and not so impressive performances. This movie is one of the best spy related films I have seen in years. It just focused on finding the mole and there was nothing else. Well, if there was, there was a reason for it being there and I want to explain more but I'll spoil the ending and so I wont. But yes, any extras comes together in the end.

This script is INSANE. There were so many characters and the film was fast paced and just threw information at you from every angle and you had to go along for the ride.

Gary Oldman was great as Smiley. He played the veteran spy with ease and although he was monotone and without expression for most of the movie there was a coldness to him that made me feel uneasy, like I couldn't entirely trust him or know what he would do next. Brilliant.

Tom Hardy, Colin Firth and, well, everyone in this movie were fantastic. I actually couldn't believe all the familiar faces that kept coming and coming in this movie. What a stellar cast. It must have been quite the experience to be a part of this film. Great casting.

Okay. The story was beyond fantastic and the performances were great so let me explain why this wasn't my favourite movie of 2011. I quite enjoy films that test me and make me attempt to figure out what's going on aka use my brain. This movie was too much of a puzzle to me. First, there were A LOT of characters. Not only is that hard when the film is so fast paced but they all had code names as well so most of the time I was trying to understand who people were talking about. Second, the use of cutting from past, present and future without warning confused me. It was hard to see the difference as no one looked overly different and everyone is moving around from country to country and room to room and I was tripping over myself trying to see who was dead or where they were, etc. (if I could remember their code names anyways). Finally, the lingo. They used a lot of lingo, which is great, if I knew what they were talking about. And there was no explanation as every character in the movie knew the lingo so they would nod and walk out of the room and then a new scene would start but I would've had no idea if they had decided to kill someone or if someone was caught or who even knows. Jesus, a goddamn puzzle. haha


If that long paragraph didn't explain it enough than I am a loss for words. It was a great movie but I spent more than half of it trying to understand ANYTHING that was happening and was getting really frustrated. Yes, I know that in the end that it was brilliant to put me into this spot as they were trying to also find out who was who and find the mole within their operations but ultimately it made the film less than enjoyable to me.

Now, when I watch it for the second time I'll probably love it to bits as I'll understand who people are but alas...


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