Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Drive Angry (3)


2008 action film by Patrick Lussier about a man who would go through hell and back to avenge his daughters death and save his granddaughter.

This movie is exactly like you'd think it would be...

I loved it. It was awful and ridiculous yet ever so entertaining.

Nick Cage (Seeking Justice, The Sorcerer's Apprentice) was at his best in this movie. The whole time I was just thinking that if I got super famous I would do what he does and just stars in movies that are ridiculous but would be so so so much fun the film. I just wish I could read this script and laugh to myself joyously.

The biggest surprise of this film to me was that the chick in it, Amber Heard, was not annoying at all. She could handle the action and although they had her in shorts that are really underpants and what not, I still thought she kicked ass. Weird.

The action in this is not the best to be honest but it made for one hell of a laugh fest. This is hilarious. It's just fun and definitely should not be taken seriously in any way.

You know what it will be like but if you still like Nick Cage and action films I suggest watching this and having some well deserved laughs and merriment.

Bonus: William Fichtner.


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