Tuesday, February 28, 2012

J. Edgar (3.5)


I really wasn't sure what I was going to get from this movie and I wish that I would've remembered that Clint Eastwood directed it so that I was in the right frame of mind before watching. I think I was expecting something less drama and documentary and more fast paced. I wasn't let down though, not at all, it's just that it took a little bit for my mind to accept what this film was all about.

Well done Clint. You are such an eye for direction that I am so glad that you made the natural move over from actor into the 'big chair'. You have a way of capturing a character and making them feel almost touchable. Almost like the neighbour you always knew.

Leonardo DiCaprio was fantastic. I have no idea why there was no Oscar mention or nomination at all for him for this role. I guess you can't win them all, but that wont stop Leo from being awesome in all his movies.

Now. I didn't know much about the life of J. Edgar Hoover. I know that some of the information in the movie shouldn't be believed for fact but I am glad that it was brought up so as to make you question. For example, it was never proven that he was gay but it was suspected. Yes, the fact that his 'friends' grave is only yards away from his own sounds weird but Edgar died first, so many it wasn't his choice. Also, the love of life long friends is somethings the strongest kind of love. Just food for thought...

I liked it. It was interesting and showed different traits that we know Hoover for. They didn't make him out to be a hero but rather just told his story at face value. Still, in the end, with Clint and Leo being awesome, the information wasn't anything I personally cared about. Sorry. Hoover wasn't anything that interested me before and while I enjoyed learning about him, it didn't move me or affect me in the way that it should have.

Still a good film though. Just a personal indifference.


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