Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paul (3)


Two geeks from England rent an R/V and go on an alien tour of the United States when they stumble upon an actual alien and attempt to save his life.

A bunch of people told me to watch this movie when it came out last year but it looked pretty lame to me. Yet, it did have Simon Pegg in it, who I find hilarious, especially when teamed up with Nick Frost. Also, I like sci-fi flicks so I gave it a go.


I did not find the majority of this movie funny at all. I might have liked it more if I had watched it with a bunch of people or was drunk or was drunk with a bunch of people...or did drugs. Regardless, I do not get all the hype around this film.

It was entertaining. I thought some of the alient 'powers' to be quite cool. Some of the movie was funny but it was more like a groan "did they really just go there" laugh.

I liked that Seth Rogen was the voice for Paul but at times I foudn the voice wayy too distracting because when Paul would speak I felt like he should have facial hair and a cigar in his mouth. Maybe a brown paper bag. Maybe it's just me.

disappinted but I'm glad I finally got around to watching it. Cool parts and some funny bits but I ultimately wanted more.

Bonus: Jason Bateman. Awesome.


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