Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Underworld: Awakening (3.5)


Selene is captured and wakes up 12 years later only to discover that the person who freed her isn't exactly who she though it was.

These movies are awesome. If you like werewolf/vampire movies and/or fantasy/action films these movies are the best.

I myself love all of the above. I recently went back and watched the second movie and forgot how much I liked the story. The story keeps getting more and more intense as the sequels come along. I like how they incorporate the legend of both monsters with new history to give the story more depth.

Selene is one badass woman in black. She is kind of my fantasy genre hero. So awesome. I love Kate Beckinsale as Selene and honestly believe that no one else could be her. Yup, gush gush gush.

This movie was interesting but I didn't find it as gripping as some of the previous movies. I'm not sure why, maybe because there was extra sentiment involved or maybe because I wasn't overly impressed with the undefeatable monster as in some of the previous films...shrug.

The action was still good and I definitely found myself really getting into this movie at some parts. Not my favourite but still a great fantasy/action flick so if you liked the other 3 you'll like this one. Also, Kate Beckinsale rocks.


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