Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Woman in Black (3.5)


2012 horror/drama by James Watkins about a young lawyer who is still suffering from the loss of his wife find himself in a small village and goes to work settling the will of a deceased widow as strange things start to happen...

I should note here that my liking of this movie was probably hindered by the theatre filled with noisy teenagers who screamed and jumped at everything. Literally, everything. Killed most of the scares for me. Jerks.

I thought Daniel Radcliffe was excellent in this movie. I loved him in this role and it I am overly pleased that he can pull of different genres and darker rolls. Heart you, Daniel. Keep it up!

This movie wasn't as scary as I wanted it to be. It was filled with consistent suspense and tension that made the thrills exciting yet horrifying. Oh, the woman in black IS freaky has hell. I also loved the use of old scares, like mirrors and ugly toys and creepy children. I really liked the direction they took this story and I thought that they nailed the mystery/thriller portion of the horror genre. It was a wild ride.

Disturbing and with an intricate and interesting story, I thought this film was well done and filled with tension. Mind you, it takes quite a lot to scare me so maybe I should've taken a note from the annoying rows of teenagers and jumped more often.

The ending though...what was with that?! I mean, I get it, but what the hell?


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