Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (3)


A boy goes on a hunt to find a real tree so that the girl he likes will fall in love with him.

The animation was awesome, it was a really beautiful world. I liked the little creatures and the over all story. I know that they changed it a bit for the film but I think that the extra story line helped move the rest of the movie forward and kept it on track.

It just felt like something was missing. I will be honest and say that some of the movie was just boring. Also, there was a lot of unnecessary repetition that I'm sure was thrown in there for the little little ones, but for me, it slowed everything down.

I also didn't like the songs. I'm not a huge musical person anyways but for kids movies I generally love the songs...not this time. Meh. Could've done without them.

Danny DeVito as the voice for the Lorax was brilliant though. And Zac Efron and Taylor Swift were good choices too.

Still entertaining and a good story but it wasn't all I was hoping for.


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