Thursday, March 15, 2012

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (4.5)


2010 Brazillian action/crime film by José Padilha.

Former-Captain Nascimento and high ranking security officer in Rio de Janeiro is about to discover what is really going on in Brazil...but at what cost?

This movie was fantastic. It is easily one of the best action/crime films that I have seen over the last year, maybe even the best. It starts out a bit slow and there are a lot of characters that come at you but once things start rolling it just SLAMS into your gut and doesn't stop. Love the pace of this movie. The balance between drama and action was really well done. I loved the use of the narration and the good use of starting the movie with the ending and swinging back around at the end to finish the story. So well done.

Wagner Moura who played Nascimento was great. At first you kind of hate him, well, his character that is, but then you soon get on his side and legitimately care about what he is trying to do.

The script is fantastic. How the movie starts is an entirely different world than the one that it becomes. So gripping and straight to the point. I learned so much and everything I saw is still lodged in my memory and I doubt it will go away soon. It was a good reminder of what's going on in other countries and a great wake up call because while the movie was amazing, the real truth behind it all was powerful and hit home.

Check this out. It's so worth it. Completely impressed.


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