Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games (4)


Gary Ross did a really great job of making the novel into a movie. Usually they ruin it because you just can't fit as much information in a movie as is in a book. I do suggest reading these books though if you haven't yet, it's worth it!

I liked the direction they went with this movie. I thought the changes they did make to the story were necessary and/or is really going to help the flow of the story in the next two movies. As a big fan of the books though they are still hard for me to fully accept but I'll get over it - it isn't possible for a movie to be exactly like a book. Also, I was relieved that they stayed true to the whole Gale and Peeta thing. It's NOT a love triangle, get over it people.

Jennifer Lawrence is my new favourite person. She ROCKS as Katniss. She was perfect. Beyond perfect, she really made the character come alive for me. Of everyone in this film she blew me away and made the movie a special experience; just like the books.

I know people are gonna hate me for sawing this, but I still cannot grasp Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. Don't get me wrong, Josh was great and he works so well with Jennifer...but I just cannot let go of the image I have in my head from the books and he just doesn't fit the mold. I'm sure when I see the movie again that I will love him and think I'm crazy for writing this now but it's how I feel.

My only complaint for Liam Hemsworth aka Gale is that he is FAR TOO good looking, even for Gale. He was good though even if he doesn't get a lot of screen time.

The movie was intense and I liked how they didn't just jump into the games and have unnecessary action and fighting. It was important that the first half of the movie was what it was. You need to get to know the characters and see their lives so that when the second and third movie come out that it all makes sense.

The only thing is that the book is written from Katniss' perspective and without her thoughts you really have to depend on Jennifer Lawrence's facial expressions to sell the emotion of each scene. Some times that just isn't possible. The movie was fast paced and didn't waste time but in the end the movie felt far less intense and emotionally taxing as the books.

A part of me wishes now that I had waited to read the books until after the movie because I feel like I would have less things to say.

It's still a great movie and I loved it. I didn't know 2 and 1/2 hours could go so quickly.

I could say a lot more but I think this gives you enough. I cannot wait for the sequel.

Bonus: The soundtrack. Oh, and Donald Sutherland.


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