Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Quantum Activist (3.5)


2009 documentary about quantum physicist Amit Goswami and his revolutionary look into science and existence.

Okay, so I found that the documentary itself was sort of messy and went awkwardly back and forth between one on one interviews and presentations. I found that some of the edits were sloppy/amateur but it's the content that is important.

It is always important for ones self to step back and took a new look at every day life/themselves. I find that documentaries, and all films for that matter, are a quick way to enter a new thought pattern and then quickly leave it so as to take the new thoughts and immediately contemplate them in context with our own lives.

It's like reading a whole text book in an hour; you get all the important, juicy stuff and leave out the main meats for another time.

I liked the information and concepts in this movie. I knew about quantum physics before but never in this light. I enjoyed how they didn't dumb things down for me but rather threw the basic core ideas out there and left it up to me to figure it out for myself.

Interesting film. If you like to think outside the box then I highly suggest it.


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