Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shame (3.5)


2011 drama by director Steve McQueen about a New York City resident and sex addict Brandon finds his life begins to fall apart upon the arrival of his sister.

This movie is...weird (and SUPER rated R). Well, not weird, but definitely something strange. It was not what I was hoping for at all and instead I just got thrown into the very sad life of this brother and sister. 2 hours of sitting and watching two people fall apart and remain hopeless was not the way I wanted to spend my evening.

I did want to watch Michael Fassbender (Hunger, Inglorius Basterds ) who played Brandon as he is quickly becoming on of my favourite people to watch on screen. He was great in this movie. He nailed both sides of this character and also blew me away when the character starts to disintegrate. There was always something more going on behind his eyes. Like.

Carey Mulligan (Drive, An Education) is awesome and I was completely surprised with her as this crazy sister. The relationship that she and Fassbender had was intense, just like their characters. It's good to see Carey doing all these different roles, I like when actors spread their wings so to speak and try different things. Make for a hopeful career and you bet I will be following hers.

Now. The Story...

I was pretty bored. Not going to lie. I did think that some of the cinematography was interesting and the characters were interesting but there was a lot of standing around and pace changing and I just couldn't stay invested in the story. Not sure why, I just found my eyes wondering.

Wanted more. The performances were great but I didn't get much from the story.

Liked the ending though. And by the end I felt ashamed for no reason which means the story wasn't a complete failure, it just wasn't enough to stimulate my silly, little brain.


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