Monday, March 26, 2012

The Sunset Limited (3.5)


Based on the play by Cormac McCarthy, this 2011 film by Tommy Lee Jones follows a conversation between two men about their different believes on life.

This movie caught my eye last year but I never got around to watching it. It's not something light to put on before bed, the play is quite intense which makes for an equally intense script. I actually would love to see this on the stage having seen the movie.

This movie felt very much like a play. The staging and direction felt very theatre-esque. I am sure for some that it would therefore feel like it had a strange pace but I liked it. You can blame my BFA in theatre.

Samuel L Jackson ( Unthinkable ) was FANTASTIC in this movie. I was actually blown away. He likes doing roles for fun these days and sometimes you forget how good an actor can be when he stops taking himself so! So good. This guy is an incredible actor. He was very organic and pure.

Tommy Lee Jones was stationary in comparison. Almost like his movements were marked by tape marks on the floor so he stopped in the right spot...I'm not sure, there was any sort of extra level to him. Maybe that's how he decided to play this character but regardless I didn't like it. I enjoyed a few of his directorial choices though.

Good play to screen film but with the lack of liking Mr. Jones I found some parts boring but the rest was great. Really makes you think about some key outlooks on life. Pretty interesting.


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