Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Young Adult (4)


2011 dark comedy by director Jason Reitman about a woman who heads back to her home town to try and win back her high school sweetheart who just happens to be married with a child.

I'm not sure why this got bad reviews. I think a lot of people assume it is a comedy and that it will be silly and filled with laughs. There were laughs, but there are also tears. Do not expect barrels of laughter. This is a great indie dark comedy and I loved it.

I liked the story and when coupled with a fantastic and ridiculous main character it's a win win. I laughed a lot at Charlize Theron and thought her performance was awesome. She really nailed it. The character is crazy and she handled the emotional flips and turns with ease. Well done.

The whole kids party scene was painful, but in an emotional way. The whole time you wonder what her real deal is and once you find out it's really emotional and you do feel sorry for her but you also forgive her for how she is. Really great script.

So, if you can't tell, I really enjoyed this movie. Not sure why people didn't like it but I'm sure it's only because they wanted a straight forward comedy and didn't get it. I thought it was original, funny and dramatic. I also thought the main character was ridiculous and well written.


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