Monday, April 23, 2012

The Cabin in the Woods (4.5)


The less you know about this movie the better it will be. You need to sit back and accept what is happening and just enjoy it. If you do that you will see that this is actually a brilliant movie, especially concerning the script, from the one and only Joss Whedon. And if you like Joss Whedon you will love this movie.

It was witty, it was stupid in the most hilarious way and because it didn't take itself too seriously the gore was surprising, the action was fast paced and the story allowed itself to go deeper than one would suspect. I loved the layers of this film and I thought when coupled with the horror/thriller and the humour that this was the ultimate 'joke' horror film. Comedy horror is not an easy bridge to gap and I thought this movie did it well.

Director/writer Drew Goddard did a great job. He nailed the horror side of it while still keeping the audience interested in the over all outcome of the core of the story and ultimately the characters.

Joss Whedon does characters like no one else. He creates real people based on harsh stereotypes yet in the end throws the stereotype back in the audiences faces. This time around it was the stoner teen character and man-oh-man did I love it. So good.

Only issues: the pace slows while the plot begins to reveal itself and I found it distracting but I see why it was necessary - you can't keep uping the pace without completely losing the story. Other thing was the graphics. At times they were kind of crap which was also distracting.

I liked this movie a lot and so did the other people in the theatre as I could tell via the bursts of laughters, the screams and the merge of yelling things out at the movie. Awesome.

Check it out.

Bonus: Chris Hemsworth ( Thor). ;)


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