Monday, April 30, 2012

Colombiana (4)


A 2011 action/crime Olivier Megaton film about a young girl watches as her parents are killed by a major crime boss and seeks revenge 14 years later.

You can never really tell if a revenge/action film is going to be a decent movie or just filled with explosions and unnecessary car chases. This movie was happily not anything like that. The story itself is far more interesting, emotional and in depth.

I think my liking of this movie depending highly on Zoe Saldana and her performance. She actually blew me away. I haven't seen her in that many movies so I wasn't sure what to expect but she rocked it. She did the action just as well as the more tense and emotional moments.

I liked how this movie jumped into the story right away and did a great job with the characters and continuing a consistent motion with every scene advancing the plot. Sounds easy, but the more movies I watch the more I notice how easy it is to mess it up.

Good action. Great suspense and tension. Some really cool fight/revenge/badass assassin moments and just an all around good movie. Sure, the basic idea behind the story has been done before and it's not hard to guess the ending but that didn't make it any less enjoyable.


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