Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Larry Crowne (3.5)


2011 comedy/drama written, directed and starring TOM HANKS (the best). Larry Crowne loses his job because he does not have a post secondary education. So he heads to college for the first time and turns his life around.

I love Tom Hanks. I wish Tom Hanks was my dad...or maybe an uncle OR I would even settle for a neighbour (please be friends with me, Tom Hanks!).

I wasn't sure how to prepare myself for this film though as I love Hanks but the movie received bad reviews and then sort of disappeared. I thought I'd chance it and I am glad that I did because it's a really cute, little movie.

Tom Hanks ( The Burbs, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close )was great as always. Julia Roberts ( Eat Pray Love )was bearable but I haven't been able to stand her for years now so that is actually impressive. What I love most about the acting in this film is that I truly felt that every character gave something to this movie. It is, after all, a movie about people and I thought that the lack of any one character would have made the film less enjoyable.

I thought that it lagged near the end and that the last 30 minutes should've been compressed into a 10 minute ending that would've kept the pace of the movie and hence would've kept my attention on the film and not to the dirt on my living room floor (I need to clean...).

Before the ending though I loved the characters and I laughed literally out loud several times and some times uncontrollably (my neighbours probably think I'm crazy).

...the one thing I cannot get over is how Julia Robert's character was the main person who changed Larry's life. I honestly just do not see it. She is not even really a part of his life until the end and I think that's the one major flaw in this movie. It should've stuck with being more of a comedy and less of a romance but then it switches over and becomes this weird chick flick and it just didn't work.

If you like cute, witty drama/comedies or Tom Hanks or feel like a light hearted movie then I suggest this flick. It won't change your life but it will make you smile.

Bonus: Wilmer Valderrama. It's good to see his face again. Oh, how he made me laugh!

3.5/5 (I would give it a 3/5 but it did make me laugh several times)

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