Monday, April 30, 2012

Only You (3.5)


The classic 1994 romcom by Norman Jewison ( Moonstruck ) about a woman how flies to Europe in an attempt to find her one true love.

I have never NOT liked a Robert Downey Jr. ( Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Due Date ) movie, even if I thought that I would hate it...I always love it. I guess there is just something about his acting that I really like and I'm not just talking about his handsome face and great sense of humour (although it doesn't seem to hurt). He just has a certain way of taking a character and giving them certain facial expressions or habits that are interesting or just over all entertaining. He makes me laugh and I liked that.

I was surprised by how much I liked Marisa Tomei but I know that it was mostly because of how natural and amazing she is on screen with Bonnie Hunt. These two fine ladies made me laugh throughout the entire movie.

The script is ridiculous. They knew it was and used that to find an amazing cast who could bring the comedy down to earth and make the movie, in the end, a really good romantic tale. It's entertaining enough that I didn't feel like I need chocolate, Kleenex and fuzzy slippers but had just enough 'awe' moments to make my heart flutter. I am still shocked by how much I liked this movie.

I think this just confirmed my new obsession with going back and watching old 80s and 90s romcoms. You are warned, there is more to come.

Hurray the 90s!!


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