Thursday, April 12, 2012

Red State (3.5)


In a small town in the middle of America, 3 boys are kidnapped and wake up to find themselves in the hands of a hard core religious group.

There was a lot of Hype around this film last year when Kevin Smith was doing these small screenings across North American instead of doing a wide release of the movie. I thought that was a cool idea but people ended up talking more about the tour instead of the actually movie, so I didn't know what to expect.

What I thought it was going to be it definitely wasn't. I thought this was a great film and I was really impressed with Kevin Smith. The thought the script was interesting and liked the cast. The whole plot was interesting and thought provoking. This is far from a slap-stick comedy!

John Goodman was great. I thought that the main cast worked really well together.

A story that stops to look at how humans view the difference between right in wrong in terms of who can be wrong if they truly and utterly believe that what they are doing is right and between the Government or super power who do what they want because they can is always appealing to me and not easy to portray.

There were some messy transitions during the film and some weird script jumps that I just assume were caused by final edits and scene cuts. Regardless, slightly rough around the edges but nothing major.

I dug it.


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