Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Avengers (5)




I know that there are a lot of action movies coming out this summer but I honestly don't know if they can top this. It sure raised the bar for action movies from here on in and for all the right reasons.

The cast was amazing. I thought that they all worked so well together. While I love Robert Downey in everything and Chris Evans was as charming as always, I  really found that it was Mark Ruffalo that I loved watching. He did a great job of re-birthing the Hulk and I am so so happy. Also, that man is sneaky funny which I also enjoyed. I was mostly suprised by how I didn't hate Scarlett Johansson at all...which is weird but a nice change. Chris Hemsworth was nice to look at and I think he has imporved since Thor. Jeremy Renner was meh but he handled the action really well.

I did not see this in 3D and I am glad that I didn't the first time around. I find that for super action flicks that a lot of the fast paced scenes are lost in a blur. I will see it in 3D the next time I see it for the extra wow factor, but this movie does not need it to pack a punch.

Best thing about this movie: it's goddamn hilarious. I knew there would be some Iron Man one liners and some hilarious name calling but I had NO idea that it was going to rock. I should have known as Joss Whedon is a pro at genre mashing and really nailed the action/comedy flow of this movie. So talented. So flawless. So...delicious?

I just...can't think of anything negetive to say. The movie is long but it didn't feel long. The story was well paced and well formed and the characters were as wonderful and enjoyable as ever. The action was not too much but with some nice flips, booms and bangs to stimulate the senses. There were some cool toys and even cooler (ya, cooler) fight scenes that made my nerdsenses tingle...and maybe a bit of drool too.

I could keep going and going but you get the point. SEE IT!

Hulk out.

5/5 smaaaash

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