Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Devil Inside (2)


A girls mom is sent to a mental institute in Rome after murdering several people during an attempted exorcism on her years before. Now the girl is older and wants to understand what happened and why.

As an actual fan of the paranormal I have read about exorcisms and the different signs/symptoms they were discussing in the film. While I thought it was cool that they included these I hated how they said them and then didn't explain them. They had so many little pieces of info that just need a tiny explanation to adds major depth to the story but instead they just said nothing

The young priest was annoying. What was even more annoying was that they gave you no information about him or any one character so there was zero attachment. That adds to the lack of explanation - the fact that each character had their own secrets that were mentioned but never revealed. Annoying.

While it was interesting for the most part it wasn't scary and since they didn't make up for that with having a crazy story with in-depth characters meant that the movie was kind of lame. I wish they had compressed the movie and added a whole second part to it where things "get real" as the kids say.

...and then it just ends. Literally. Nothing is revealed or resolved or anything. They hit the climax and 10 mins later the credits rolled. Choppy.

Ya. Good for a late night watch but I would suggest The Rite over this movie because at least Hopkins was interesting.


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