Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Pirates Band of Misfits (2)


The Pirate Captain wants nothing more than to be pirate of the year but after he gives away his most prized possession for it he tries to right his wrongs.

I am a big fan of kids movies as the stories have to be interesting and well laid out and the humour is always good (especially when they slip in adult jokes for fun). I also like pirates so I assumed there was no way I was not going to love this movie.

I was sadly wrong.

It was cute and they did a decent job of trying to add in science into the whole story but the humour wasn't there and when it was it was too dull to warrant a laugh. I thought that the second part of the film was better with some giggles and cool scenes but was overall disappointed.

The pirates were cute and some were cool but like I said, I was looking for more likable characters and I just didn't get any.

Also, the main plot was kind of boring to me which made the

Maybe kids love it but I wasn't really impressed even after all the cool animation and jokes about ham was lacking in the great department.


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