Monday, June 25, 2012

Akira (4)


1988 anime film by Katsuhiro Ohtomo about a Neo-Tokyo biker gang who has to stop one of their own once he realizes the full extent of his newly tapped powers.

This is some of the coolest animation I have ever seen. Apparently it was one of the the first to use darker colours as they were more expensive (I heard this through a friend of friend so it may not be true but regardless it is true that they used darker colours) which made it look intensely original even though it's an 80s film.

The story is really interesting. It was a great sci-fi movie that smelled slightly of Chronicle, The Matrix, Tron  and a bit of Ghost in the Shell , but not enough that it felt familiar. There was a great balance of political, psychological and action based scenes that made this movie easy to watch. Though the plot is quite complex it was not beyond the viewers understanding which also added to it's watchability.

There were some weird looking characters in this movie. There were also just some weird characters in general but it's an anime film so you have to expect some colourful people. The humour, though not obvious all of the time, was lost on me most of the time. I watched an English dubbed version and it actually wasn't that bad. Some dubbed films are horrible as the actors that do the voices are...well, shitty. This time they did it right.

If you like anime or any futuristic/crime sci-fi movies you will definitely enjoy this. I did! Check it out.

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