Saturday, June 9, 2012

Battle Royale (4)


The 2000 Japanese action/thriller by Kinji Fukasaku about a class of students who wake up on a deserted island and are forced to kill each other in order to escape.

Realistic gore with a realistic yet disturbing look at mankind. This movie takes a group of people and wondrously divides it into the main personality traits and unflinching human nature. Oh...and did I mention gore? While the script is deep and well formed, this movie will not let you forget that its a horror movie for long. heh heh

I know that there was some hidden symbolism...or maybe not but I just hope that that was the reason for the weird and awkward flash back/dream scenes that knocked me completely out of the movie only to throw me right back in but more confused and disorientated. Like the weird sports thing they kept flashing back to referring to the 'fun' they had...but, it didn't seem like the most fun ever. I wasn't a sports person in high school so maybe it's just me. Probably not though.

Other than that this movie is awesome. The introduction of all the characters was flawless and smooth, even though there were 40 of them. The script worked wonders with great direction to keep a character filled story flow seamlessly with the action and chaos around them. Solid.

See also: the Asian version of The Hunger Games, but more rated R.


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