Monday, June 25, 2012

Hobo with a Shotgun (3)


2011 Jason Eisener film starring Rutger Hauer who plays a hobo who decides to take back the streets of the new town he drops anchor in.

This movie is ridiculous.

There are some really intense and gruesome gore scenes in this movie. People being cut, shot, slammed,  scraped, beaten, dragged and just about anything else you can think of. There is a lot of unnecessary blood but the props and special effects in terms of blood/guns/heads etc is awesome in this movie.

I was really hopping for an amazing bad-good movie when I saw that this was actually being made. I had high hopes that sadly were not met. The person I watched it with loved every minute of it and was laughing 50% more than I was so I'm sure more people who enjoy these types of films will love it. I on the other hand was disappointed as the movie seemed to try to actually be serious rather than joke serious which ruined it a bit for me. You can't have Kill Bill blood and guts with a hobo as your main star who has only bad/amazing one liners as he tries to protect a hooker. Doesn't work...for me, anyways.

Still thought it was an entertaining movie. I really liked Rutger Hauer in this movie and think he can honestly act. Everyone else is questionable.

The story was basic and straightforward but hide behind some well thought out and executed gory scenes that kept me watching (or looking away if I couldn't handle it).

If I wasn't expecting something along the lines of Drive Angry, which is one of the best bad-good movies I have ever seen (so bad that they are good) then I think I would've liked it more.


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