Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Lucky One (2.5)

2012 romance/drama film by Scott Hicks about a marine who finds a photo of a woman and decides to find the girl in the photo once he returns home from tour in Iraq. 

While I liked the story, which I knew I would as it is based on a best selling novel, I thought that the script had some holes and didn't have enough depth. I did like the over all plot though and for a chick flick I thought they spent a decent amount of time on character development. Rare. 

I like Zac Efron ( Charlie St. Cloud ). I know, I know...you can laugh all you'd like but I think he can actually act. Not only that but he is starting to take on more layered roles and doing good so far. He is a triple threat and I think he is doing a good job getting away from his High School Musical days. I look forward to what he does next. Also...sexy. Mmm hmm. 

I can't say I was overly impressed with anyone else in this movie. A few scenes were a bit painful only because I could feel them acting through the screen. Not a lot but enough that I noticed. It didn't help that I was never fully invested in the story so I noticed more than I should have. 

If you're looking for a chick flick or a late night drama/romance movie this will do the trick. Some toasty gratuitous sex scenes followed by some cute moments make for a good heart warmer. 

Seriously though, the script or the editing or something just didn't work. Too many little scenes that led to more little scenes that end in a big but non tear jerker moments before the credits. Meh. 

Efron for the win. 


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