Saturday, June 2, 2012

Moon (3.5)


A man on a space station on the moon is almost done his 3 year mission when things start to go wrong.

A random find on Netflix usually makes for an interesting watch but when I saw that this movie starred Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey I had to watch it.

The beginning is great, they had be right from the start. I thought that the set was amazing and they did such an amazing job with creating this moon station, 'other worldly' place down to the very small details.

Sam Rockwell is one of the most underrated actors. Some times he does...well, most of the time he picks strange rolls that people tend to glaze over but he really captured all the layers and sides of this character, especially throughout the different phases in this movie (no spoilers so I'll leave it at that).

Kevin Spacey ( Shrink ) as the voice of a robot = YES please! I loved it. I absolutely loved that they used an emoticon face to show the emotions of the computer and with Spacey's voice it was perfection. Easily my favourite thing about this movie.

I liked the script. I enjoy dark sci-fi and psychological thrillers and they don't normally mix together all too well but this time it totally worked. The only complaints I have is that 1) it was waaay too long, it draaaagged on for like 45 minutes 2) they mention what is actually going on early on in the film so while you try to figure out what is REALLY happening...and then they tell you that no, it really is this thing that's going on...not so exciting. I know this is a rough explanation but you'll see when you watch it. So when this happens I was disappointed and then this dragged on for 45 mins or so and I just lost all interest which is insane as I was really into this movie for the first half.

Liked it but then it falls off at the end and left me wanting more. Or just a better ending.


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