Saturday, June 2, 2012

Of Gods and Men (3.5)


The 2010 French film by Xavier Beauvois film about a group of monks stationed in a small Algerian community who are under threat by terrorist.

While this was based on a true story and the characters were, in general, interesting, the movie took liberties in assuming that the viewer knew the background story of what was happening in Algeria. I also felt that they left out too much about the characters although their personalities slowly came out during the movie it felt too late to feel a good connection.

I liked the script though. The story was interesting and gave a cool perspective on mankind and how we react when our lives are in danger.

The concept of faith vs. right from wrong was really well done and made for exciting scenes where nothing really happens but is far from boring. Who would've thought that listening to a bunch of priests sit around would be exciting, but it was. At least intellectually.

Not my favourite but I can see why it won the Grand Prix at Sundance. A true look at human nature.


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