Saturday, June 2, 2012

Poetry (4)


2010 Chang-dong Lee film about an older woman who finds out that her grandson committed a terrible crime and tries to find inspiration and beauty in the world around her through poetry.

This script is original. I honestly can't compare this movie to anything else I've ever seen. I see why it won best script awards.

Jeong-hie Yun was fantastic. Her performance as the grandmother was captivating and at times truly heartbreaking. She did such a good job of remaining inside her character even when the scene was her sitting quietly looking at a tree. Not an easy thing.

The story wasn't what made this movie so captivating to me. It was her. It was watching someone trying so hard to reconnect with themselves during a time when the beauty in life is being slashed down.

Still, in the end, I found that some of the metaphors and hidden emotion behind certain scenes was lost on me and I found they lost me from time to time. It may have just been the subtitles but I'm not sure.

Check it out if you want a very character driven story with an interesting look at poetry, language and life.


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