Monday, June 18, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman (3)


A twist on the old classic, directed by Rupert Sanders. Snow White escapes the Evil Queen and teams up with the huntsman that is sent to kill her so together they can take back the kingdom.

The world that they created for this film was awesome. From the droves, to the troll and right down to the costumes and armour. Mind you, some of the costumes were questionable and by that I mean ugly as hell. Still, the general background and sets were amazing. I am glad I watched the movie just to see those.

The acting was less than impressive but that's because the story was lacking in any depth in order to create the amount of interest needed to invest in what any character cared about. It wasn't that there wasn't a story and the basic premises was interested and actually quite cool but it stayed at face value which wasn't enough for me. I did like how they went darker in this movie but the whole prophet thing with Snow White...I didn't buy into it.

Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn - Part1) wasn't that bad in this movie and the scenes that I laughed at were not really her fault. Like her staring into the eyes of something evil until it backs away...without explanation and followed by amazed looks on peoples faces.

Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers) was his normal glorious self. That guy can actually act but keeps picking roles that are similar so it's hard to fully see it. I want to see him in a Oscar worthy drama playing an alcoholic dad or something off the radar instead of him with sexy war hair running with an axe or hammer or other long handled weapon. Still....good face.

Charlize Theron (Prometheus) did the evil well. The makeup that was done on her was beyond perfect. Actually, the makeup in general was fantastic in this film. I think she was the best choice for the role.

Over all I was more impressed with this movie that I thought I would be. I heard it was beyond awful but when I looked the ratings were actually not that bad. Which means audiences love it and critiques hate it which means you can count on it being a decent watch but not something that you will want to buy when it hits the shelves.


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