Monday, June 25, 2012

Troll Hunter (4)


Troll Hunter, original title Trolljegeren, is a Norwegian adventure/fantasy film by Andre Ovredal about three people who try to document an illegal poacher near their town only to discover what this hunters real 'day' job is.

I had no idea what this movie was about but heard it mentioned not only by word of month but via a few best horror/movies of 2010 lists. While there isn't a lot of blood and guts in this movie I will admit that it surprised me with lots of suspense, tension and thrills. I was beyond happy with this film and was sad it was over once the credits rolled.

The trolls were cool. Someone did their research and really wanted to make them believable. I have no idea what the budget was on this movie but I suspect it wasn't very much and so I was expecting lame special effects and graphics. What they gave me was everything but that. I loved the design, movement and subgroups of trolls. Sooo awesome. I honestly have never seen a film like this before.

The movie started off and I will admit that I was bored and felt like it wasn't going to go any where. I thought that the 3 younger characters were annoying and nothing made sense. Then BOOM something happens in the woods and then the movie takes off from there.

Otto Jespersen was the best part of the movie. He played an interesting character who slowly reveals himself during the movie. He goes from the silent type to a hunter to a caring teacher and back to a hunter.

I am sure that a lot of people would laugh at this movie and think it is really lame but while I thought that this was going to be my reacting, it ended up being completely different. Yes, I laughed here and there but it was at jokes in the movie and from how certain characters reacted in some scenes. Not because the movie is bad or ridiculous. I actually think this was a great movie and urge people to give it a chance.

I want to watch it again.


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