Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man (4)


Too soon? Maybe. Better cast? Totally. Better? Not necessarily.

I am one of the few to admit these days that I really like the original Spider-Man movies. Yes, a part of me even enjoyed the third one even though most of it was just terrible. Besides Kirsten Dunst and my general not liking or her I liked them...but I like all comic book to movie films. at least, so far.

I found the new casting to be refreshing, even right down to uncle Ben. The new director, Marc Webb, helped shape the new feel. I liked that they were more true to the comic books and that they didn't add extra love scenes or make it about love. Yes, his relationship helps mold him but not compared to the lose he experiences throughout his life.

I liked how Andrew Garfield (Never Let Me Go, The Social Network) was awkward, clumsy and didn't seem supernatural. I liked how his strength was not just in his physical enhancement but by his mind via his inventions to suit his needs. I liked how he was young and believable as a teenager and that his quirkiness made him more personable to me.

I never have anything but amazing things to say about Emma Stone (The Help, Crazy Stupid Love) . I doubt I ever will. She is awesome and I want to be her best friend. Her outfits were pretty gross even for the nerdy/professional girl in school but her acting did not suffer the embarrassing clothes.

I didn't like this movie more or less than the original and it would take too long to explain why but the stories were quite different and while the first one suited my younger aged needs cinematically, this movie impressed me more with it's realistic quality, acting and general feel for the movie. So, I like them both but for completely different reasons.

Note: there is still cheese in this movie. The last ones had many and this one had it's fair share too but these are meant for kids too so cut it some slack.

Give this movie a chance. Don't shy away because it's too soon or you didn't like the third one from the last series or because you think the story is over done. This is new and should be treated as just that.

Check it out.

Bonus: The 3D was pretty awesome, not going to lie.


(1 whole point of the cast)

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