Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dark Days (3)


Directed by Marc Singer, this documentary profiles the lives of several homeless people in New York city who live in the undergound tunnels of the public transit system.

I am not entirely sure when this movie was filmed but it was released in 2000. It won a bunch on Sundance awards including audience pick and I can understand why.

The world that unfolds before you in this documentary is nothing like you could've imagined. Actually, most of it seems unreal. The people, the life style and the whole film seems like it couldn't have existed. But it did. And not too far from home either.

While this film was continuously surprising and interesting, the pace was slow and the scenes included didn't give much insight into the people that are introduced. I did like that they focused on several people but at the same time that meant that they were restricted in how much of each persons every day life they could show. That made it drag at times as I felt that they only showed the surface of what the movie could've been.



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