Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Impact Man (3.5)

2009 documentary about a 5th avenue family choose to give up their comfortable lives to attempt to live a year without any net environmental impact. 

While the 'stars' of this documentary (aka the family that decided to try this experiment) were annoying at times, it was the fact that while watching this movie I had internal reflections on my own life that made it amazing. While watching this film I felt happy of what I had achieved so far in terms of helping the planet and lowering my foot print followed by knowing that it wouldn't take that much more effort to lower it even more. It made it seem obtainable and actually fun to try. 

The experiment itself had huge holes. I questioned the strange rules they made for themselves that they gave up when it came to their careers but were so strict about their personal lives. Sure, it is easy to be cautious in your own home but out in the public and at work it is harder. I would've liked to have seen more restrictions there...but, as they say many times, it's a start for them. I give them credit for that thought. 

Regardless if you agree or disagree with the idea behind this documentary it is the fact that it brings up an issue that is only effecting our lives more and more and will not stop growing unless we make ourselves aware of all sides of the issue. This movie helps grasp a side of that problem. 

I also am questioning everything I put in the garbage and THAT is a big deal. Inspiration and information are what documentaries are all about. 


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