Sunday, July 1, 2012

Project X (2.5)


Three high school students throw a party to become cool but things get out of hand.

Ya...I watched this movie. I had no idea why seeing how I was never much of a party person, especially in high school. In fact, I think a lot of people who acted the way the people did in this movie have little to no brains (especially after all the drugs and alcohol). Yet, I was interested to see it just because it was so ridiculous and so different from what I enjoy.

It was interesting in terms of seeing people destroy themselves. It was funny in the way that I cannot believe that real people do things like this. It scared me into never wanting to have children (or at least wishing they could skip ages 13-21). It did a lot of things but in the end it wasn't a half bad film. If I were in high school it would be a cool movie (well, actually, probably not to my crowd but you know...).

It's a movie where a big party takes place. There is actually a bit of a story to it as well which was surprising and they kept up with it the entire time. Things get REALLY crazy and insane things happen which kept me entertained.

It was a good late night movie that didn't cause me to feel any emotion and to go to bed more scared for the next generation than I ever had before.


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