Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (4)


The conclusion to the epic new Batman trilogy by director and amazing brain Christopher Nolan (Following, Inception).

I was actually quite happy with Anne Hathaway (Rio, Love and Other Drugs) as Catwoman aka Selina. From the previews I saw I wasn't overly impressed with the costume or her general personality but once I saw it all in context and in action I was happy with both.

Christian Bale ( The Fighter) continued to be his regular old Batman. This movie didn't focus as much on him so I felt a little disconnected from Batman and even less interested in Bruce Wayne but I think I will like this idea more when I see it again. I just...was going to see Batman but it's not called Batman is it?

I liked the plot and I enjoyed the Bane character. I was actually way more invested in the bad guys this time around rather than the good guys. I love Tom Hardy (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, This Means War, Warrior) and while the voice they chose for him was a bit...well, high pitched for me once you got used to it and got to understand the character it did suit him.

The beginning of this movie was wonderful. They did a great job of bringing everyone up to date, introducing the new characters and tying it all together from the last two films. I did find that the climaxes were a little weird for me. Thing build and build and then there are sort of 3 different big plot changes and the climax gets bunched in between them all and then slows down again right before ending. I also found that the surprise bad guy came a little late and disappeared even quicker.

Great ending though. The last 15 minutes of the movie were great. I hate Nolan for leaving the ending though because I want 3 new movies based on it. GIVE ME MORE [Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Hesher, 50/50).

I liked it but wasn't as overly impressed as with the last two but the action was still awesome, the performances amazing and the plot appealing. It just didn't leave me with the same gut happy, chest tight feeling that the last two movies had, but it was pretty damn close.

I need to see it again though...

Bonus: Michael Caine (Cars 2): still the best Alfred. Gary Oldman (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy): still the best Gary Oldman.


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