Friday, July 13, 2012

The Way (4.5)


I love a good journey/adventure movie. A friend of mine just did a part of the camino de Santiago pilgrimage only 2 weeks ago and though we haven't spoken face to face about it yet I know from a few messages and photos that it really affected her. I looked it up and started to get obsessed with the idea of doing it. Then, on Netflix, I saw this movie. I had to watch it. Mostly I wanted to just see what the journey looks like and how hard it is, but what I got was an amazing script with lots of emotions and some beautiful scenery.

Emilio Estevez wrote, produced and directed this movie...and even acted in it here and there. I cannot believe how well he did on this movie. I suppose I haven't really paid attention to his career past the Mighty Ducks but I was totally taken by surprise with the steady emotion carried by every well planned character.

While my interest in the camino de Santiago kept me interested, the rawness to the characters (especially Martin Sheen), the consistency pace and the script really made this movie great. I highly enjoyed it. I like how they didn't cloud the movie with dialogue as the emotions and scenery speak for most of it and sometimes words ruin an already perfect balance between the bond of characters and the look and feel of a movie.

I did think that one dramatic scene was a little forced but I liked that they didn't add extra action or tension for no reason. I found that some of the character intros were confusing but it all panned out and has confirmed my obsession with doing this adventure at some point over the next two years. It fuelled my inspiration to travel.

Bonus: great soundtrack.


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