Monday, September 10, 2012

Abduction (2.5)


2011 action/mystery by director John Singleton.

While doing a school project, a teen finds out that he is on a missing children's page and goes on a search to find who his real parents are and why they left him.

I knew that Taylor Lautner (The Twilight Saga) could do back flips and what not in real life but I had no idea that he would rock the action scenes in this movie as well as he did! I was really impressed. He was doing a little Jackie Chan meets Jason Statham meets Matt Damon. Although his acting still needs a few years to shape up, I thought that he handles himself really well in this movie and I hope he does some more action movies in the near future.

The story was interesting enough although not deep enough for me to not know what was going to happen next. There was no shocking climax but it was still entertaining and had a  an some sniper take-out action so it was good in my books.

...yup. Thought it would be terrible and I would laugh but I only laughed a handful of times and usually because it was scripted humour (although not always). I liked it and am glad I got around to watching it.

Don't worry...there are no vampires and werewolves...or K-Stew.

Bonus: Sigourney Weaver (You Again>).  

Anger causing moments: Lily Collins' eyebrows. Like...seriously. They were their own character. They beat Emma Watson's Hermione eyebrows by a long shot.


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