Saturday, September 8, 2012

Love Bite (2)


2012 horror/comedy directed by Andy De Emmony.

Summer arrives in the small town of Rainmouth and a group of boys need to lose their virginity or fall victim to a merciless werewolf.

No...really. That's the plot.

I saw this movie the other day as part of TIFF and knew that it would be bad yet entertaining and I was fully right. I will admit that I was looking for a little but more in terms of script and humour but what can you do?

It was pretty ridiculous. The werewolf doesn't come into full view until about half way in but that helped build some suspense. It was funny but I found that the humour was obvious (although a lot of other people in the audience didn't think so judging by the laughs). I did laugh quite a lot though. There was no emotional connection to anything but it wasn't aiming for that anyways.

Ed Speleers did a decent job and was less of a moron than everyone else (character wise). Once again though, there wasn't any surprises when it came to was what it was.

That's the general  feeling towards this movie. I didn't want my 2 hours back but I will live a happy life if I didn't see it again. It was ridiculous and pretty entertaining but once it was over I just felt like...meh.

Bonus: Timothy Spall and the soundtrack is pretty great.



  1. Thanks for the review--"bad yet entertaining" sounds right. How were the special effects (if there were any)?
    Also, a quick spoiler question, if you don't mind: which characters were or turned into werewolves?

    1. Special effects were actually way better than I thought they would be. You don't see the werewolves too often.
      I would love to answer the spoiler questions but have a no spoiler policy (self made) on my blog. I will say that some of the main characters are killed/turned/turn into werewolves. :)

  2. I need spoilers! Mind sending me a private message so I can find out which of them turn into wolves? oezdemircan @ gmail dot com (don't worry, I'm legit)


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