Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Art of Getting By (3)


2011 drama/romance by director Gavin Wiesen brings us the story of a senior who is strange and never does his work until things change when he finds a friend in a popular girl who finds him interesting.

I saw this on Netflix and thought that the plot seemed a bit thin. I decided to watch it as a late night movie as I thought it wouldn't stir any emotion and be an enjoyable but forgettable watch.

What I actually watched was a character driven story that lost itself here and there but was ultimately overall well done.

I was especially drawn to the main character George who was played by a all-grown-up Freddie Highmore and a well matched Emma Roberts (It's Kind of a Funny Story). Highmore was the most impressive and really the reason to watch this movie. His character George embodies the dark/emotional side of being a teenager but does it was intelligence and brings his own quirk to the table. I thought physically that he was great because he was cute but shy and didn't have a 6 pack or bulging biceps like a few other actors his age. He just seemed...believable. The other cast were great supporting but lost their flow here and there.

I liked the script as it was all about George trying to stay afloat and find out who he really wants to be/what he is passionate about while not coming across as an annoying coming of age film (it is a coming of age film but doesn't follow the usual stereotypes). Above all you see a teenager turn around and become an adult which is a tough thing to fit into 83 minutes.

I liked it but mostly for Freddie Highmore's performance and a slight twist to the coming of age story. They lost me for the last little bit though...


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