Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Total Recall (3)


2012 action/sci-fi by Len Wiseman about a factory worker who goes to Rekall to escape his daily life only to discover that he is the spy he was hoping to become.

I guess I liked this movie because I was expecting it to be completely horrible but instead I found it rather enjoyable. It is important to watch this movie knowing that it is IN NO WAY like the original (and far better) version. If you can accept that no one goes to Mars and their eyes don't hilariously bulge out of their heads and that a creepy baby thing lives in someones stomach than this movie may surprise you (but not in those weird type of ways).

I liked Colin Farrell (Horrible Bosses, Fright Night) in this movie. I felt that his character wavered here and there but nothing that caused me to lose interest in the film.

The script, though slow at the beginning, was good. I liked the story and generally liked the characters. That being said, they didn't really focus on any characters for too long except for Colin Farrell's and Kate Beckinsale (Underworld:Awakening). I thought this was okay seeing how I don't like Jessica Biel and STILL do not think she can act to save her life. Just sayin'.

Good action. The suspense in this was really well done. I liked the fight scenes and the cool weapons they had. I wasn't overly excited over the flying car chase but I got over it. I thought they over did it on the computer graphics, especially with the backgrounds. All green screen and all noticeably not real. Meh. Can't seem to find too many well done sci-fi's without CGI all over the place.

Not too shabby. Not the best thing ever but I think it deserve a chance.

Bonus: Bill Nighy...although, not for very long. :(


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