Sunday, October 28, 2012

Argo (4)


Directed by Ben Affleck.

A CIA agent comes up with a plan to get 6 American diplomats out of 1980s revolutionary Iran.

Loved the story. The script was fantastic.

This movie was really tense at times. Just when you think that things couldn't get more intense, they do. I really loved this script. Especially once things get rolling. A lot of the time movies lose sight of the story and let the action and suspense get in the way of the plot. This time they did a lovely dance and finished with style. Suspense built on tension around high emotions...very well done.

Everyone brought their A game for this movie. All performances, big or small, were bang on.

Hats off to you Ben Affleck. You keep coming back and surprising us all with well crafted and well executed films. After this movie, I think that you were born to be a director rather than an actor. But for now, I'll take both.

There were times when I found the pace to be a little off. There were a few choppy cuts and scene progressions but nothing crucial. There was one edit that I honestly don't know why it was kept...but that's just me.

Great story. Great cast. Great movie.

Bonus: John Goodman (The Artist).


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