Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dredd (3.5)


The Judge is back and negotiations are over in this remake by Pete Travis of the 1995 classic action/sci-fi flick.

I was not going to see this movie in theatres...and maybe not at all. I like the original because I grew up watching it and just thought that without Stallone that it wouldn't be good at all.

I was wrong (I am saying that a lot lately).

Hats off to Karl Urban (Priest, Red). That motha can grimace like it's his job! I couldn't blame him for the horrible one liners that were written for him but I did blame him for making me enjoy a movie that I thought I would hate.

Things I really didn't like: the way they portrayed the psychic. Olivia Thirlby (The Darkest Hour</em>) was good regardless. 

Things that were amazing: the way they portrayed the drug. It was SO cool. I loved the weaponry, the costumes and the sets. I thought they had a good balance of real life and computer generated backgrounds. I also liked the 3D aspect of it but it didn't make or break the movie at all.

Dialogue aside, this movie was way way better than I imaged it could be. Yes, I laughed a few times because of the ridiculousness of some scenes but everything else made up for it.

Bonus: Lena Headey. She was a bad-ass, um, bad-ass.

I almost want to give this a 4/5 but the script left something to be desired.


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