Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Men in Black 3 (3.5)


2012 end to the trilogy by director Barry Sonnenfeld.

I think a plot summary would run it so I wont.

I really liked the whole time travel part of this movie. I think the core of this script was really good. The only thing that didn't quite make it from page to screen was the humour that I was looking forward to from the last movies. Maybe it's because the first one came out way back now or that the characters just weren't clicking as much as in the just wasn't there. There was humour but it was pretty thin. What was there kept things entertaining though.

The first half made me worry that I was about to waste 2 hours of my life but once things really get going and the pace picks up (and Will Smith brings it) everything is good.

Boris. I have an issue with Boris. He wasn't really scary. He was an obvious villain. But most importantly: I could not take him seriously because he is Jemaine Clement, who is one of the most hilarious people on earth at this very moment. They tried to make him all scary and evil but once I hear that voice I just think of one thing - Flight of the Conchords.

Decent story. Not as good as the first, but you already knew that. Not as much Tommy Lee Jones (>The Sunset Limited
) as I wanted but Josh Brolin did a good job covering that. Just enough Will Smith to keep me entertained and some action added in there.
The very end was lame but the part before that last minute was actually well done. Then they went and ruined it. Lame.

Let's hope they stay at 3 and don't decide on a 4th.

Bonus: Emma Thompson.



(.5 for the time travel coolness)

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